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A TACS Boonie Hat

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Military Boonies A  TACS

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A TACS Boonie Hat

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A TACS Boonie Hat

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The newest camo pattern for ULTIMATE concealment. The A-TACS pattern represents a radical step forward in the science of concealment technology.

What Is A-TACS:

  • Replaces Digital, Square Pixels With Small, Organically Shaped Pixels - Removing All 90 Degree Angles To Create A More Fluid, Natural Appearance
  • Colors Are Digitally Sampled From Real World Elements For Enhanced Concealment
  • The A-TACS Design Creates A ''Pattern Within A Pattern'' Effect Which Effectively Breaks The Human Outline At A Greater Range Of Distances
  • A-TACS Function As A Univeral Camouflage, But Works Best In Open, Rocky, Arid and Urban Enviorments
  • Designed For Use By The Military, Special Forces, and Tactical Departments

    Boonie Features:
  • Sewn To MIL-SPEC H-44105-B
  • 65/35 Poly Cotton Rip-Stop
  • Adjustable Chin Strap

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